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Sentinel Instruments

Sentinel Instruments

Sentinel Instruments is a company which specialises in the design, supply and manufacture of Load and Tension Monitoring equipment and systems for the offshore, marine and engineering industries. The company manufactures an advanced fully digital Safe Load Indicator for offshore lattice boom cranes.

The company also manufactures a range of sheave devices for monitoring tension, length and velocity of steel wire ropes in the range 20-500Tons. Sentinel designs and manufactures a range of load cells both tension and compression for a variety of applications both offshore and onshore.

The load cells can be incorporated into systems for bulk tank monitoring and crane monitoring or any application where the value of stress and strain requires measurement.


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Safe Load Indicators
The Sentinel Instruments D9000 Safe Load Indicator has outstanding performance, accuracy, with reliability and ease of calibration coupled with easy to perform self diagnostic routines. 

Each load cell (and angle transducer) has its own smart amplifier where the sensor outputs are converted to digital signals and each amplifier has its own address.

The CPU is then only required to act as a digital data polling station and thus has a large capacity to process load charts, sea state conditions, diagnostic routines and memory for data logging The CPU outputs the data to the various displays, alarms and cut-out devices necessary for the safe operation of the crane.
The display is laid out in an ergonomically manner to allow the user easy reading of all displayed data whilst a two line LCD display enunciates the status of the system including current POL and Sea State selections and any error messages. 
The Sentinel Instruments Safe Load Indicator is easy to install, maintain and calibrate, is reliable in service and has a 1000 Lift memory.

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